Every Child Psychology can provide: 

  • Every Child Psychological Assessment
  • Targeted Academic Skills Assessment
  • Intervention and Support
  • Consultation
  • Training


What this includes:


Every Child Psychological Assessment includes assessment of a child or young person’s cognitive ability interpreted alongside a detailed understanding of their literacy and numeracy development.  This assessment is used to create a set of recommendations tailor-made to address the child or young person’s learning needs.


This may include:

  • Classroom and/or playground observation
  • Consultation meeting with parents, carers and school staff
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Attainment (literacy and numeracy) assessment
  • Written report
  • Feedback consultation meeting to discuss the report with parents, carers and school staff
  • Review and evaluation


Targeted Academic Skills Assessment includes assessment of specific areas of a child or young person’s educational attainment.  This can include measures of phonological skills, alphabetic knowledge, word reading, passage reading (which includes reading accuracy, rate and level of comprehension), spelling, and maths development.


Intervention and Support includes a variety of ways for supporting individuals, small groups and whole classes.  This may include: interventions to support emotional well-being, social inclusion and awareness raising workshops on a variety of topics.


Consultation to discuss a student, or group of students, to gather information enabling joint problem solving, action planning and review of progress with school staff and parents. 


Training on a variety of topics can be tailored to the needs of the school.  Please contact us to discuss your training needs.


Our services can be bought as a package of days, to be used within one year, or individual assignments on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no commitment.


The below prices are effective for contract periods commencing after 1 January 2024

Package Name Hours Price
3 Day Package 18


6 Day Package 36 £3,000
9 Day Package 54 £4,275
12 Day Package 72 £5,400
Other services or additional days   £575 per day




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